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Water and Sand
He took a step forward. Then another. And another. It seemed it was all he could remember how to do anymore. A good portion of his village followed behind him. Their supplies of water had been running low and no longer seemed to be refilling themselves, so they had set out in various directions looking for water or technology or anything that might help them survive. So far, it wasn’t going well.
In the ten days since Otton had left on this quest, five of the 20 villagers that had joined him had died. With a lack of supplies and good direction and an abundance of wild creatures scattered around the desert that could kill any one of them, they had to be very careful or he could easily lose those that were left.
The only sense of direction they had was extremely approximate. Their world of Czar Lanka was rumored to be in an area of space that happened to be heavily traveled and somewhat dangerous to unskilled pilots, which meant that debris from those ships had a tendency to be sca
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In the Garden Ch 5
The advantage I had gained from Madison’s surprise wouldn’t last long, and her years of practice would prevent me from pressing it enough to make a difference. I held the offensive longer than I thought I would, but I could tell she was distracted. The occasional shout from Matthias wasn’t helping either of us.
Just as I thought she might throw the fight, I was proven wrong. She came back fiercer than ever, quickly retaking the offensive. At that point, I realized I was absolutely screwed, but I wasn’t about to give up. She knew that better than anyone else in the room.
At the very least, I knew I couldn’t let myself get backed into a wall. That would end the fight in moments. I needed something clever – something that there’s no way she would be prepared for – but I couldn’t focus.
“Increase your distance and be more forceful with that shield!”
Hardly able to think, I jumped back and swung to meet her strike instead of
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“I don’t want to go,” came the words from pouty lips uncharacteristic of the young girl.
“Swing music and Lindy Hop are the big things right now. We can’t stop by and ignore the most exciting pastime of the decade.” I smiled and spun around to face her. “Besides, I haven’t been dancing in ages and you’ve never danced in your life. You’ll have fun. I promise.”
“I still don’t want to go.” At this point, her arms were crossed and her green eyes were attempting to glare at me, but she couldn’t shake the features that betrayed that she was only a child, and not a very threatening one at that.
I took a knee so I could look her in the eyes. “Aislinn, we just hit the Depression and I worked hard to buy that dress. Besides, if you don’t like it, I’ll let you choose what we do next.” The only response I got was silence. “Weren’t you the one that begge
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Once I Called You Brother Ch 1

Current entry: synthesized from the journals of Darius and Drusus

After the enlistment came testing. A couple days after they gave their names as volunteers and were given their uniforms and armor, they went to the coliseum with the weapons they were able to get a hold of. Drusus had gone back to his father to get a kopesh, while Darius relied on the kindness of a local blacksmith to obtain a simple shortsword.
When they entered the arena, many people turned to look at the pair. Drusus stood out greatly because of his weapon of choice as well as his head, bald except for a single ponytail and goatee. He wasn’t afraid to return any glare that came his way with his narrow green eyes.
Darius provided quite a contrast to his partner. He smiled at everyone they passed, his blue eyes always friendly. His full beard and free weapon spoke of his simple life. His humility was evident, and the pride of Drusus was equally so.
On their way to the check-in table, they were interrupte
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Once I Called You Brother (Prologue)
Compiled from the journals of Darius and Drusus
Current entry: Drusus
My father always desired to be Pharaoh; I suppose that is a fault he passed on to me. As his older brother’s family grew, he came to realize that we had no chance of being the ones to continue the dynasty. Refusing to live in the shadow of his brother, my father took my mother and I and left Mitsrayim to make a new life in Basileia.
Basileia was a strange place to us, and we were strange people to Basileia. They worshipped only one god, and their ruler claimed no divinity. We were grateful that their language was not completely foreign, as many of their words were shared by our language.
My father worked odd jobs, doing manual labor for the first time in his life. We were never able to progress far beyond supplying our basic needs, but my father’s constant stories of what life would be like if he were Pharaoh filled my ears and my mind.
By the time I was 15, my mother was lost to disease, and my father
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In the Garden Ch 4
About a month after I had moved to my new assignment, we had a unique visitor. I happened to be the one to greet him at the door, and I was taken by surprise. The young man had silver hair and red eyes and wore the white hourglass crest of the Zangus family, but never had I seen him before.
“Can I help you, sir?” I asked.
“First Class Soldier Mateusz Zangus at your service,” he said with a smile and a bow. “I come to seek audience with my kin.”
It was then that Matthias came into the front room, leaning on his cane. “Mateusz, why do you insist on coming month after month? You know you are not welcome here.”
“I wish us to be one family again.”
“Neither you nor I shall budge.”
Mateusz  stood silent for a moment, glancing briefly in my direction. “I am curious. Where did you acquire this particular slave?”
“Would you believe I have not asked?”
“Then allow me.” Mateusz turned to
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In the Garden Ch 3
The next few months were spent doing the kinds of chores that nobody really wants to do but, nonetheless, still need be done. Much of my time was spent cleaning floors, dishes, and clothes. Whenever possible, I studied their language. I studied while working as much as possible and used all my free time to learn.
Once I knew the language well enough to speak with my masters, they quickly realized I was well-educated with a great capacity for learning, so they moved me to their main home in the capital to help teach their children and manage domestic affairs.
If I had thought the first home I had entered was impressive, the second was awe-inspiring. It was larger than any house I had been to in my life and made of rock polished to a shine. The interior was adorned with finely painted portraits, painstakingly detailed tapestries, and weapons and armor that had clearly been shown plenty of care. Their riches seemed to be without end.
The first thing I was required to do was meet the child
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In the Garden Ch 2
The first thing I did when I woke up was let out a half-scream half-grunt sound, having been kicked right by my knife wound. My heart rate was so high it was almost paralyzing. My breaths were shallow and I couldn’t seem to get enough air. My hands were still tied, my side burned, and the next thing I was aware of was being pulled back to my feet.
I hardly had my balance before we were moving again. My legs didn’t want to work, but I wasn’t given much choice. I forced myself to keep moving because the alternative was more stab wounds. My eyes had adjusted to the dark a little, but it was still hard to see. All I could tell about the two men was that they were almost my height, but definitely stronger and more well-armed. Of course, that was probably all I needed to know.
The hike to our next stop felt like it took several hours, likely in large measure due to my hunger, pain, and the lack of any way to measure time. All I was able to think about was taking my next ste
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In the Garden Ch 1
What would it take to make you leave home? Most of us, I imagine, would not simply pack up and leave our family and friends on a word. I certainly didn’t. When I started getting the feeling that the LORD wanted me to leave, I ignored it. Who would want to give up everything they have?
Early on, the hints were subtle. A feeling, perhaps. An occasional thought that I wasn’t where I needed to be. Reading in the book of Genesis and finding that the beginning of chapter 12 stood strongly out.
Get out of your country,
From your family
And from your father’s house,
To a land that I will show you. . .
I will bless you
And make your name great;
And you shall be a blessing. . .
So Abram departed as the LORD had spoken to him.

That was probably when I started taking it seriously. Of course, the question that logically follows the decision to go from a place is that of where you’re going to go. With this in mind, I began speaking with my brother and his wife, with wh
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Personality Continua Meme by Noma-Caa Personality Continua Meme :iconnoma-caa:Noma-Caa 0 0 Unnamed Draconequus Child by Noma-Caa Unnamed Draconequus Child :iconnoma-caa:Noma-Caa 0 0 Zack Head 1a by Noma-Caa Zack Head 1a :iconnoma-caa:Noma-Caa 0 0 The Doctor (Not That One) by Noma-Caa The Doctor (Not That One) :iconnoma-caa:Noma-Caa 0 0
Whooves and Hooves Chapter 1
Doctor Whooves. I liked the sound of that. I had just received my doctorate of clockwork engineering from the Unique Arts College at Trottingham about a week ago and was on my way to Ponyville to set up shop. I had never really liked busy cities, so that seemed like the right place to go. Besides, I thought it would be nice to make some ponies smile with machines they had never seen before.
My thin frame struggled to pull the heavy cart containing my belongings. There were springs, gears, keys, my clothes...and several bags full of who knows what. Ponyfeathers! I thought as I approached the town. I had forgotten to bring any furniture, appliances, or personal effects. watch. My grey, broken, fob watch. I couldn’t even remember where I got it, I just knew I had to keep it.
As I trudged past the buildings, dragging my cart behind, I looked around for a place to rest a little while. Before I knew it, I was in the town center and decided to just lie d
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Well, guys, the day has nearly come. Tomorrow, I leave for college, meaning I shall no longer have a scanner or a tablet. Unfortunately, this means that I won't be able to post art until winter break. Hopefully, I'll post some literature stuff before then. I mean, there are several stories I'm in the middle of that need continued. We'll see.


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